Research Concepts Tracking Antenna Controller/Satellite Locator RC3000

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  • Brand: Research Concepts
  • SKU: RSC105

Tech Specifications

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Tracking Antenna Controller/Satellite Locator RC3000

Controller for Mobile Antennas

Avoid the time consuming tasks of manually positioning your mobile antenna and tracking inclined orbit satellites. The RC3000 allows even non-technical personnel to automatically locate and position a mobile antenna within minutes from power up.


  • Automatic Pointing Solution
    • Calculates azimuth, elevation, and polarization angles from any position and heading
  • Auto Acquisition
    • Via Built in DVB, BTR, or External Modem
  • Optional GPS Receiver
    • Battery backup for fast position fix, one pulse per second clock synch pulse
  • Optional Fluxgate Compass
    • Optimal calibration for all magnetic environments
  • Optional Inclined-Orbit Tracking
    • Step Track, Memory Track , TLE & Intelli-Search modes
  • Non-volatile Memory
    • Store position and polarization data (including inclined orbit track data) for 20 satellites
  • Slim 2U Rack Panel
    • For simple space saving mounting
  • User Friendly Interface
    • The industry standard for mobile antenna operation
  • Continuous Antenna Status Monitoring
    • Axis limits, jammed and runaway sensing
  • Optional Serial (RS-422 or RS-232) or Ethernet Control Interface
    • Remote control from any popular PC software packages
  • Multi-Band Operation
    • Supports C, Ku, L, Ka and X-band satellites
  • Potentiometer & Pulse Sensor or Resolver Interface
    • High resolution pulse sensor or resolver ensures accurate tracking, inclinometer for true elevation sensing
  • Designed for Future Expansion
    • Beacon receiver, GPS derived heading, resolver based position feedback
  • Motor Types
    • Low voltage DC, 90/180 VDC or AC motor with External AIU

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