Product Tag - 19" Racks

  • Amazon 19 Inch Case

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    • Enhanced ‘sway space’ between inner frame and outer case to prevent contact with outer container
    • Optional ‘EasyGlide’ removable, self anchoring, internal frame system
    • All 19 inch Amazon Racks have positive stacking, aligning at the front face regardless of rack depth

  • ERack 19 Inch Case

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    • Incredibly lightweight.
    • Increased sway space to facilitate up to 1″ of internal thermal insulation.
    • Fully-rounded corners for friendlier handling.

  • SatRack 19 Inch Case

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    • The 19 inch SatRack frame is supplied with stainless steel caged nuts for ease of securing equipment. Support shelves and equipment restraint systems are optional for additional fixing security.
    • The zipped access panels are stiffened with puncture resistant polypropylene and the rear panel can be fitted with a cable storage pouch.