Research Concepts Next Generation Three Axis Antenna Controller RC4500

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  • Brand: Research Concepts
  • SKU: RSC103

Tech Specifications

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Next Generation Three Axis Antenna Controller RC4500

Satellite Earth Station Antenna Control Unit

  • 16-Bit Resolver Position Sensors
    • 0.005 deg resolution, 3.5 minute accuracy
    • Optional potentiometer for polarization position sense.
  • Open-Collector Drive Cabinet Interface
    • Simple and easy to maintain
  • Direct DC Drive Option
    • Interfaces direct to 24V DC motors, 10 amp max
  • Non-volatile Memory
    • Stores 20 to 100 satellites in non-volatile memory, 10 of which can be inclined orbit
  • Optional Inclined Orbit Step-Tracking
    • Via step track / memory track tables
  • Optional Support for NORAD TLE
    • NORAD Two Line Element tracking for inclined orbit satellites
  • Multi-Band Operation
    • Supports C, Ku, L, Ka and X-band satellites
  • RS-422 or RS-232 Monitor & Control Interface
    • Remote control from many popular PC software packages
  • Optional Ethernet Interface
    • Support browser based Remote Front Panel & UDP encapsulation of serial M&C commands
  • Optional Optical Interface
    • Support for Single-Mode Fiber Communication, requires the Ethernet Interface option
  • Optional DISA compliant Beacon Receiver
    • A low threshold of 43dBHz, fast re-acquisition of less than 1s and high linearity, manufactured by Novella Satcoms Ltd.
    • Supports modulated beacons

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