Paradise Datacom Indoor PowerMAX Scalable SSPA Systems

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Product Information

  • Type: Indoor SSPA
  • Frequency: C Ka Ku X
  • Brand: Paradise Datacom
  • SKU: PDD122

Tech Specifications

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  • Output Power levels of:
    • 8.0 kW in C-Band
    • 6.6 kW in X-Band
    • 2.5 kW in Ku-Band
    • 1.0 kW in Ka-Band
  • No Active Switching-All Passive Power Combining
  • System is 100% field maintainable
  • Output Power sized for n+1 Redundancy
  • All active modules are hot swappable via the front or rear panels
  • System can be configured with any combinations of 4 to 16 modules
  • Hot Swappable Redundant Power Supply Modules
  • Hot Swappable SSPA Modules
  • Removable Fan Trays
  • Removable M&C Card Assembly
  • System monitor and control emulates single SSPA Chassis operation
  • Ethernet Port with UDP,SNMP, and internal web browser capability
  • Legacy RS485 M&C
  • Accurate Output Power Measurement
  • Reflected Power Monitor
  • RF Output Sample Port (-50 dB)
  • RF Gain Adjustment (50 dB - 70 dB)
  • System is field scalable: i.e., can start out with (4) modules in system and upgrade to (8) or (16) modules.

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