Research Concepts Dual Axis Antenna Controllers RC2500

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  • Brand: Research Concepts
  • SKU: RSC106

Tech Specifications

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Dual Axis Antenna Controllers RC2500

Controller for Resolver Based Satellite Antennas

  • Automatic Positioning
    • precisely positions antenna with the press of a single key
  • User Friendly Interface
    • operator interaction is the same as the Industry Standard RC2000
  • Non-volatile Memory
    • stores 38 preset position and polarization combinations
  • Dual Speed
    • fast slewing, fine positioning
  • Inclined-Orbit Tracking
    • Step Track, Memory & Search modes supported
  • Solid-State Control Circuitry
    • 5KV-rated opto-isolation, operates with many outdoor boxes
  • Intelli-Search
    • eliminates problems associated with traditional searches
    • search mode may be overridden for transmit applications
  • Easy to Read Super-twisted nematic LCD
    • simultaneously displays Az, El and Pol Angles, Received Signal Strength, as well as current Satellite Name and Longitude
  • Continuous Antenna Status Monitoring
    • motion limits, drive error, maintenance, emergency stop and runaway conditions
  • Multi-Band Operation
    • supports Ku, C and L-band satellites
  • Optional RS-422 PC Control Interface
    • automated control with many popular packages
  • High-Resolution Resolver Interface
    • ensures accurate Ku-band positioning
  • Software Controlled Offsets
    • allows for easy resolver setup
  • Designed for Future Expansion
    • designed-in ports for potentiometer-based feed control, RF power measurement circuits, TTL- compatible Digital input, form-C relay output

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