Cross Backup Switch 1 for 2 with Backup Controller (IF-L-band)

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Product Information

  • Type: Redundancy Switch
  • Brand: Cross Technologies
  • SKU: CRS388

Tech Specifications

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The 2582-122 is a 1 for 2 Switch with Backup Controller for downloading and storing user variable data settings from the active, on-line agile, IF to RF frequency (to 2.2 GHz) converters and controlling the back-up frequency converter. The 2582-122 provides Auto or Manual backup protection for up to 2 up or down converters by relay switching of IF and RF from a backup unit to any of 2 on-line units. The controller in the 2582-122 monitors alarms and settings of the on-line units and sets the backup unit to the parameters of the unit being backed up prior to backing it up. The 2582-122 works with standard Cross L-band up and downconverters by polling their monitor and control ports on a periodic basis. A defective unit s inputs and outputs are switched from the failed unit to the backup when a failure occurs either automatically or manually. “On-line”, “off-line” and “not used” modes can be programmed for each on-line converter. Alarms are contact closures to ground. Status of the 2582-122 is via a serial data stream and a contact closure to ground on alarm.

All settings are stored in nonvolatile ROM and on power up the 2582-122 polls all units. Manual Select is controlled by the multifunction switches on the front panel. LEDs indicate alarm and switch conditions. The unit is powered by redundant power supplies, and mounted in a 1RU rack-mount chassis.


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