SATCOM Services offers a widge range of new satellite and wireless communications products worldwide. Contact our team of experts at SATCOM Services to develop a solution that exactly fits your needs. SATCOM Services has provided VSAT Satellite Hardware and space segment solutions to a broad base of enterprise and government customers. We have built new teleports, GSM networks and private networks for our expanding customer base. Learn more about our global communications services .

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SATCOM-Services has 30 years experience in satellite communication networks. We build, operate and transfer full communications networks. We offer the following services and solutions:

  • All satellite access technologies
  • Multimedia satellite communication networks
  • TDMA star topology networks with asymmetrical data behavior
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Voice, centralized data, remote security, distant learning, and fax
  • DVB / Spread Spectrum / Aloha technologies, DAMA, DVBS2.
  • Global systems integration
  • Broadband communication systems design
  • Reduced overall costs both in recurring and non-recurring for the above applications.

Global Networks and Systems

With a network of C, Ka and Ku-band earth stations, we support solutions for data, voice, fax and video either via customer-dedicated networks or on a cost-effective, shared-hub basis.

Teleport support

Our teleport support system and co-located network hubs, combine with the satellite, the VSAT terminals and earth stations to provide global coverage.


A complete range of equipment and services for satellite communications systems projects are available from the top manufacturers including: Advantech, AnaCom, iDirect, Terrasat, Agilis, Skyware Global, ASC, General Dynamics, Miteq, Mitec, Xicom, Paradise Datacom, Teledyne, Cross Technologies.

Our International satellite network service

We offer the enterprise user high functionality and turn-key implementation, providing reliable, cost-efficient data network functionality as well as toll-quality telephony for rural, thin-route public or private networks.

Internet Broadband

Business Satellite Service gives you:

  • High speed internet access without the necessity of additional phone lines – VoIP –
  • ‘Always on’ connection
  • High speed downloads
  • Faster upload speeds