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Walton De-Ice has over 36 years of experience helping customers protect their critical satellite networks from signal loss and degredation due to ice, snow, rain, and sun. Walton De-Ice has become the leading satellite company in providing quality products that keep your your VSAT and large satellite earth station antennas operating during the harshest environmental conditions.

Walton De-Ice products include Passive and Heated systems for a wide variety of requirements and antenna systems, from small to large.

The original de-icing system includes a behind the antenna plenum which is heated with hot air from either liquid propane, natural gas or electric heating units. These systems are for antennas ranging in size from 3.7m to 32m in diameter.

More recently, a line of de-icing products called the Snow Shield was designed and manufactured for antennas ranging from 0.6m to 6.3m in size using a PTFE Coated Fabric stretched over the satellite antenna. This system can include automatic heating and remote activation & monitoring.

SATCOM Services is a master distributor of Walton De-Ice products