Comtech Virtual Network Operator (VNO)

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Product Information

  • Type: Network Management
  • Brand: Comtech EF Data
  • SKU: CMT141

Tech Specifications

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The need for Virtual Network Operator (VNO) capabilities is clear. Satellite service providers are offering new service packages for second tier providers who in turn repackage these services to their customers. Users now desire more control over their purchased satellite services. In addition, users want the ability to manage their own resources with minimal support from satellite operators. Comtech EF Data’s VNO feature delivers these capabilities

VNO enables operators to partition the satellite network and efficiently allocate resources to specific end customers. With the VNO capability, satellite operators can selectively expose resources and operations in their primary network to external resellers, customers, and sub tier providers.

It utilizes existing web-based technologies and enables flexibility in implementation of key VNO functions.


  • Quick deployment
  • Lowers the barrier to entry for resellers of satellite services
  • Provides additional revenue generating value-added services via leveraging centralized network design expertise and first and second level help desk support
  • Potential to reduce operating expenses for the primary satellite provider since the VNO user assumes a greater role in managing their own assigned resources
  • Supports basic user authentication where access and operation privileges are granted to specific (virtual) networks
  • A software development kit is available for custom applications

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