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The VDC-500 is a revolutionary product providing a natural migration path for current Advanced Data Controller users desiring to move forward into truly
networked operations, providing greatly improved connectivity to tactical gateway services. The VDC-500 moves away from the traditional ADC device in that it does not connect to a laptop or desktop, rather
connection is made via a standard LAN interface, AUI (for connection to10BASE-2)or 10BASE-T. The LAN interface operates at 10Mbps and supports standard IP
addressing. Regular ADC users with DTS/Win IP can use the VDC-500 as a gateway to access POP3 or FTP servers, or send SMTP email anywhere on the connected LAN. The VDC-500 can also be used in pairs to connect separate lans togetther, providing IP connectivity over
radio channels between the two LANS.

Advanced Data
Controller / Internet Protocols

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Specifications        (Specifications subject to change without notice.)

General Characteristics Physical Characteristics
Operating Modes Half-duplex,full-duplex,
Dimensions 3 inches high X 5.73 inches wiede X 7.4 inches deep
Channel Rate Up to 16 kbps Weight 3.5 lbs
Channel Types SATCOM,  HF, wireline, LOS (UHF/VHF) Volume 109 cubic in.
Network Size Up to 64 users per channel


DC Input Voltage 18 to 36 Vdc
Channel Access CSMA or Instant-On Power Dissipation 8 watts operation
3 watts standby
Compatible COMSEC Devices AN-CSZ-1A,KY-57/58,
ANDVT Tacterm,
KY-99/99A/100,KG-84 A/C, KIV-7, STU-III
Temperature 0o C to 50o C
-30o C to 50o C
Humidity < 90%
Interfaces   Altitude 40,000 ft (operating)
Data Interface Ethernet RJ-45 or AUI, serial DB-9 for TTY
console or SLIP
Shock 40G, bench, basic, crash safety
COMSEC Interface MIL-188-114 compatible, DB15 connector 2400 bps - 16
kbps, sync
Vibration 20-20,000 Hz, 0.06 g2/Hz  Aircraft,
Shipboard, Vehicular
Voice Interface H-189/H-250 handset Mount Standard avionics DZUS rail
Accessories Management
Cables Computer, KY-57, KG-84A, KG-84C, STU-III Interface Standard text based
management commands
    Via Telnet or TTY console

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