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Services Overview

Our global communication satellite consultancy and network systems services support a broad range of client applications for enterprise, government, ISP's and satellite infrastructures, featuring international hub deployment and global gateways.

Service category solutions:

Global Consultant Solutions - Integrated Access & System Design - Teleport Services - Network Services - High-speed Internet - Multicast & IP-related Services - VoIP - VPNs - Intranet - LAN and WAN - Video - Data - DVB - Broadband Applications - High-speed Internet -Point to Point - Point to Multipoint - Fax - Multimedia

Satellite Consultancy Services for the Enterprise Market
There are four major financial comparisons necessary for cost efficient satellite communication systems, these are: underlying technology, market requirements and network size, and economics.

C and Ku band - Digital and Analog - Transportables - Domestic and International Services
Global Quick Deployment Systems
Using VSAT-based (Very Small Aperture Terminals) this service offers the enterprise user high functionality and turnkey implementation. Integration protocols provide reliable, cost-efficient data network functionality as well as toll-quality telephony for rural, thin-route public or private networks.

Enterprise Solutions
With advanced capabilities, these enterprise solutions support the following interactive data intensive applications: