Holkirk TP2-120 High Performance Ka Band Tactical Terminal

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Product Information

  • Type: RxTx VSAT
  • Frequency: DBS Ka Ku X
  • Size: 1.2m
  • Brand: Holkirk
  • SKU: HLK115

Tech Specifications

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TP2-120 - High Performance Ka Band Tactical Terminal

The TP-2 antenna from Holkirk is designed for use in DSNG and Government environments globally.

With a well proven track record the TP series of antennas provide simple, fast and accurate satellite acquisition either as a manually controlled mount or as a fully autopointing motorised system in the harshest applications.

This user friendly, compact and light-weight antenna is available in X, Ku & Ka bands and can be operated globally controlled either by a local hand held interface or via a touch GUI screen making the TP2 simple to set-up and operate even in adverse weather conditions or hostile environments.

The light weight but sturdy tripod design includes a truly versatile HPA cradle which can accommodate a wide range of 3rd party amplifiers up 200w in Ku band, neatly eradicating the need for long lengths of flexible waveguide.


  • 1.2m High accuracy carbon fibre reflector
  • Auto-pointing & inclined orbit tracking options
  • No assembly tools required
  • Colour options available
  • X, Ku, DBS & Ka bands
  • BUC mounting on boom
  • Manual over rides on all 3 axis
  • Quick connect waveguide couplers


  • Manual jog, auto-acquire or inclined orbit tracking controller
  • RF mounting options
  • High stability LNB
  • Sand Shoes

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