TP150X 1.5m Tri-band X, Ku & Ka Segmented Flyaway


TP150X 1.5m Tri-band X, Ku & Ka Segmented Flyaway

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  • High Stability LNB
  • 3 axis Jog-controller
  • Auto-Pointing controller
  • Inclined orbit tracking controller

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TP150X – 1.5m Tri-band X, Ku & Ka Segmented Flyaway

The TP150 antenna system from Holkirk is renowned for its compact size, lightweight and powerful performance which has been designed to excel in today’s increasingly demanding DSNG market place.

Easy of use

The user friendly modular design of the TP150 antenna allows for simple, fast and accurate location and acquisition of the satellite, either as a manually controlled mount or as a fully auto-pointing and motorised system, there are no tools required to assemble the TP150.


The novel light weight and sturdy tri-pod design includes a truly versatile HPA cradle which can accommodate a wide range of third party HPA’s up to 400W in X, Ku and Ka-bands, neatly doing away with the long lengths of fragile flexible wave-guide normally associated with flyaway systems.


The main reflector is manufactured from high quality carbon fibre and is supplied in eight easily assembled petals that employ a revolutionary spherical dowel locking mechanism to ensure perfect alignment.


  • High Stability LNB
  • 3 axis Jog-controller
  • Auto-Pointing controller
  • Inclined orbit tracking controller
  • 23kg weight packaging
  • Sand shoes for extra stability

Compact flight cases for sample TP system, other packaging options are available


  • Quick deploy assembly (under 5 minutes)
  • No assembly tools required
  • High gain carbon fibre reflector
  • Light weight IATA compliant
  • Compact and robust
  • Full Auto-Pointing options
  • SSPA/TWT integration
  • X, Ku and Ka frequency band options

Antenna 8 Segment, 1.5M carbon fibre reflector,
Prime focus offset with high quality mode
matched feed for superior cross-pol performance.
Side Lobe Performance 29-25 Log e dBi
Polarisation Performance XPD >35 dB
X-Band Performance
Polarisation Circular
Frequency band 7.250 to 7.775 GHz
Gain 39.5 dBi
Polarisation Circular
Frequency band 7.9 to 8.4 GHz
Gain 40.3 dBi
Ku-Band Performance
Polarisation Linear
Frequency band 10,7 ~ 12,75 GHz
Gain @ 12.5 GHz 43.7 dBi
Polarisation Linear orthogonal
Frequency band 13,75 ~ 14,5 GHz
Gain @ 14,25 GHz 45.55 dBi
Ka-Band Performance
The Rx antenna gain is defined at the Rx filter / LNB interface and includes the transmit- reject filter loss.
Polarisation Circular
Frequency band 18 to 21 GHz or 20.2 to 21.2 GHz
Gain @ 20 GHz 47.1 dBi
(The Tx antenna gain is defined at the Tx port OMT interface).
Polarisation Circular
Frequency band 30.0 to 31.0 GHz
Gain @ 30.0 GHz 51.0 dBi
Antenna Diameter 150 cm
Geometry Single offset
Reflector Material Carbon fibre
Weight 65kg (Ku-Band)
Feed Case 23kg per band
Speed (Motorised)
Ambient Temperature Operational -30°C to +55°C
Storage -40°C to +70°C
Solar Radiation 1,200 W/m2
Wind Speed Max.
Operational (with ballast or anchors) 20m/s (45 mph)
Operating Humidity 100% condensing
Rainfall Maximum 100 mm/h (4 in/h), excluding link budget effects
Altitude Up to 3,000M (9,850 ft)
Survival Up to 10,000M (32,800 ft)
Mechanical Data
All flight cases are sealed to IP65
Intelsat compliant.

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