Holkirk TP100 7 Segment Carbon Fibre Flyaway

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Product Information

  • Type: DSNG Broadcast RxTx VSAT
  • Frequency: Ku
  • Size: 1.0m
  • Brand: Holkirk
  • SKU: HLK103

Tech Specifications

Datasheet PDF

TP100 - 7 Segment Carbon Fibre Flyaway

The TP-100 Ku is the latest in our range of ultra quick, deployable antenna systems which is ideal for store and forward, breaking news, occasional or permanent satellite communication.

The TP-100Ku has the option to include a pointing aid to make pointing to any satellite a very easy and fast process.

An integrated GPS, electronic compass and inclinometer give the user a target azimuth, elevation and polarisation along with the actual read-out for the true position of the mount

The TP-100Ku in conjunction with the ruggedised outdoor modem (ODU) can be powered from a 240v PSU, direct from a 12v vehicle supply or from standard camera batteries (VEElock, PAG, etc).

The robust design includes a 1.0m carbon fibre reflector, a folding feed arm assembly, quick deploy tripod, integrated inclinometer and digital pointing aid, coarse and fine adjust on azimuth and elevation along with a ‘no-tools’ design philosophy which runs through all Holkirk designs.


  • 8w or 16w BUC & LNB (separate PSU reqd)
  • L Band Cable
  • Drum (25m)
  • ODU Modem
  • Sand Feet
  • MPAD 2 Pointing Aid

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