Walton De-Ice System Upgrades - Heated

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Product Information

  • Type: Antenna De Ice
  • Brand: Walton De-Ice
  • SKU: WDI105

Tech Specifications

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System Upgrades - Heated

For Systems requiring as many as 6 Gas or Electric Heaters, the ADC-3000 Local and Remote Units would be a direct replacement for the last generation DDC-400.

  • No more cards to pull out of a Mother Board with the possibility of damaging components due to voltage present.
  • Only 1 board has all circuitry required for the new Control Units to monitor and control the same as the last generation DDC-400 would.
  • ADC-2000 Automatic Local and DP-8 Remote Control Units replace the last generation control unit the DDC-400.
  • Simplicity and reliability were built into the new units yet the customer gets the same monitoring and control capabilities as with the DDC-400.

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