Research Concepts Servo Based Antenna Controller RC4600

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  • Brand: Research Concepts
  • SKU: RSC101

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Servo Based Antenna Controller RC4600

Servo Antenna Control Unit for Mobile and Deployable Satellite Antenna Systems

Building on the long history of RCI antenna controllers, the RC4600 combines the familiarity and ease of use of all RCI controller with the extreme performance of servo-based position holding. The RC4600 is available in a 2RU rackmount configuration or a made to order IP67 rated outdoor enclosure to meet all mobile, transportable, and fly-away antenna needs.


  • High Rate Position Correction
    • 64 Hz on axis position servo eliminates pointing errors on two (or three) axes 64 times a second.
  • High-Resolution AZ/EL Position Sensors
    • 16-bit on axis resolvers (.0055° resolution)
    • 25-bit on axis encoders optional (.00001° resolution)
  • DISA/DSCS Compliant Tracking
    • Step Track/Memory Track
    • NORAD Two Line Element Track (TLE)
    • Enhanced Smart Predictive Track (ESP)
  • Highly Adaptive Servo Functionality
    • DC/BLDC/Stepper/AC Motors
    • 12 limit switch inputs available
    • Tach or encoder velocity feedback
  • Market Leading Safety
    • Continuous current monitor, position monitoring and system fault monitoring ensure personnel and antenna safety
  • Integrated Tracking Receiver
    • Novella B38
    • ASC 350L
  • Instant On, Application Specific Software
    • Ready to use in less than 20 seconds makes satellite acquisition fast
    • No special PC software needed
  • Optional Integrated Spectrum Analyzer
    • Remotely monitor RF spectrum and antenna status in a single interface
  • Optional Handheld Remote
    • Ideal for antenna maintenance
  • Ethernet Interface
    • Simple graphical user interface via web browser
    • Full M&C protocol via IP
    • SNMP v3 monitoring

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