Satellite Bandwidth

SATCOM Services covers the entire world with multiple frequency (C, Ku and Ka Bands) satellite coverage, teleports and technicians servicing over 190 countries. View our satellite beams below.

E113WA C-Band Continental Beam

E113WA C-Band Conus Beam

E113WA C-Band South America Beam

E113WA Ku-Band Continental Beam

E113WA Ku-Band Conus Beam

E115WB C-Band Wide Beam

E115WB Ku-Band 1 Beam

E115WB Ku-Band 3 Beam

E115WB Ku-Band 4 Beam

E117WA C-Band Hemi CDH Beam

E117WA Ku-Band Hemi KHDH Beam

E117WA Ku-Band North America NAFTA Beam

E117WA Ku-Band South America Beam

E117WB Ku-Band 1 Beam

E117WB Ku-Band 3 Beam

E117WB Ku-Band 5 Beam

E117WB Ku-Band 6 Beam

Galaxy 18 123W C-Band North America Beam

Galaxy 18 123W Ku-Band North America Beam

Horizons 1 127W C-Band North America Beam

Horizons 1 127W Ku-Band North America Beam

SES 4 C-Band East Hemi Beam

SES 4 C-Band Global Beam

SES 4 C-Band West Hemi Beam

SES 4 Ku-Band Europe Middle East Beam

SES 4 Ku-Band North America Beam

SES 4 Ku-Band South America Beam

SES 4 Ku-Band West Africa Beam

Telstar 14 Ku-Band Andean Beam

Telstar 14 Ku-Band Brazil Beam

Telstar 14 Ku-Band North Atlantic Beam

Telstar 14 Ku-Band South Cone Beam

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Space Segment and IP Services:


Global Satellite Bandwidth Network

SATCOM Services provides satellite space segment capacity to customers globally. We currently own or operate capacity in C, Ku and Ka Bands which we provide to our clients. Our engineering services allows us to work with a client on a particular project and analyze the right fit of satellite capacity and ground equipment technologies. Then we work to make it the most efficient and cost-effective possible. Rather than the typical scenario of an operator looking to sell a particular portion of segment that is in its best-interest, SATCOM Services looks at all options to find the best fit for cost and performance. We have been in the satellite business for 30 years!

Bandwidth Analysis

For many in the satellite industry, the cost of satellite space is the single largest cost-component of their business. So a focus is critical for squeezing the best costs for bandwidth, analyzing to ensure the most throughput / Mbps is achieved per dollar spent, and optimizing networks to ensure that no portion of bandwidth goes wasted. It is SATCOM Services goal to understanding all aspects of your network deployment and how to best utilize your space segment bandwidth.


For many regions of the world, capacity pricing and availability has been a moving target. Either not having enough capacity nor the “right” capacity can potentially limit growth. Capacity pricing can vary widely over same coverage areas. SATCOM Services offers satellite bandwidth global coverage and has active capacity available in C, Ku, and Ka Bands throughout the world.

Teleport Facilities

SATCOM Services operates from its US and European teleports servicing our clients. We know the track record of these teleports and can advise who provides the best hosting services and honors their service commitments. There are also other little known considerations that we understand that might help you in this decision making process.


Knowledge is power and SATCOM Services with our strong global network offers a complete solution set with space segment, teleport and ground equipment. We have seasoned integration specialists that travel globally to install HUB’s, Large Earth Station Antenna’s and understand Satellite, RF an IP and can train your staff in new deployments, or add to their existing skill set to optimize your network.