Comtech Roaming Oceanic Satellite Server (ROSS)

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Product Information

  • Type: Network Management
  • Brand: Comtech EF Data
  • SKU: CMT137

Tech Specifications

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The Roaming Oceanic Satellite Server (ROSS) is an integrated location server that works in conjunction with our Vipersat Management System (VMS) to facilitate on-the-move satellite communications for oceanic vessels. ROSS enables remote modems to interface with stabilized, auto-tracking antennae, maintaining connectivity as vessels move through footprints of different satellites. Vessel position data, satellite signal and management status are constantly monitored to determine when satellite handoff is necessary. ROSS stores the operational and configuration information on-board remote terminals, including satellite footprint maps, shoreline contour vector maps, exclusion areas, link budget information, multiple modem configurations and other administrative information. ROSS is implemented in the remote terminals in a fully distributed architecture, eliminating a potential single point of failure in the mobility system.

The ideal complement to our Vipersat Management System and bandwidth-efficient modems, the Roaming Oceanic Satellite Server is suited for use on cargo ships, workboats, freight liners, tankers, cruise ships and military vessels.


  • Robust platform
  • World vector shoreline database
  • Interfaces with antenna control unit
  • Event log
  • Tracking log

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