Quintech RFS Series RF Sensing Redundancy Switches

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Product Information

  • Type: Redundancy Switch
  • Brand: Quintech Electronics
  • SKU: QNT120

Tech Specifications

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RFS Series RF Sensing Redundancy Switches

The RFS series redundancy switches with RF sensing detect the presence of primary RF signal and provide the ability to switch to a backup (secondary) signal upon the loss of the primary. These highly reliable RF switches are ideal for redundancy applications and scheduled maintenance projects. They are perfect for unmanned sites and can help to eliminate the need for emergency restoration service. In addition, an optional RS-232 DB-9 port has been included through which the RF sensing switch can be remotely controlled. Standard alarm and remote are available via contact closure.


  • Redundancy switches provide automatic backup for signal continuity, thereby maintaining your revenue stream
  • Facilitates scheduled maintenance activity with no downtime
  • Rear panel mounted barrier strip provides the interface for a contact closure summary alarm and remote override
  • RF threshold is adjustable via front panel
  • Ideal for redundancy switching applications for failed LNBs, upconverters, downconverters and unmanned facilities
  • Ultra-reliable 1:1 redundancy for backup of fiber links
  • The RFS 2150/2 with optional serial control provides the ability to remotely control the RF sensing switches via RS232

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