Revgo Ka-Band 160W Buc

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Product Information

  • Frequency: Ka
  • Output Frequency: 27.5-31GHz
  • Tx-Power: 160W
  • Brand: Revgo Global
  • SKU: REV101

Tech Specifications

Datasheet PDF

Revgo Ka-Band 160W BUC Features

  • Software selectable sub-band 27.5-31 GHz (single-, dual-band)
  • Independently removable fans without causing service interruption
  • Variable power consumption 700W (@48dBm)
  • Compact and light weight
    • 35.2 lbs / 16 kg
  • Low phase noise (exceeds IESS308/309)
  • Stable linearity to 500 MHz bandwidth
  • Independently removable fans
  • Rugged design for extreme environments (-40 to +60oC)
  • M&C with real-time clock, event log, web interface, SNMP, and O-BMIP


  • Highly integrated RF technologies (RFIC and GaN)
  • Designed for high volume production
  • Linearity optimized for high order modulation and high data rate
  • Strict quality control processes resulting in <0.25% field failure rates

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