Cross Redundant Unit Controller 47 Volts Switch Drive

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  • Brand: Cross Technologies
  • SKU: CRS525

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The Model 2082-14X-47 Redundant Unit Controller is used to power, monitor and control LNA or LNB amplifiers configured in 1:1 (2082-141-47) or 1:2 (2082-142-47) redundancy. Front panel LEDs indicate power, status (online, standby, alarm), and mode (auto, manual, local, remote). Up to 600 ma is available to power each amplifier and +47 VDC is provided for 1:1 (3A) or 1:2 (3A) waveguide switch drive. The Model 2082-14X-47 has +47 volts common and the 2082-14X-47P has ground common. LNA or LNB current is measured and a fault is signaled if the current deviates from user selected thresholds. Multi-function switches select Auto, Local, or Remote operation, priorities for 1:2, and the signal path in the Manual mode. Remote operation via the RS232/RS485 M&C interface allows selection of priorities (1:2) and the signal path. Ethernet is available as option, -W8, -W18, or -W28. Contact closure to ground inputs allow selection of Local/Remote, and Auto/Manual Modes. An LCD display shows each amplifier╩╝s current, and signal path. Form C relay contact closures indicate amplifier and power supply status, waveguide switch position, Auto, Remote, and Manual operation. Connectors are DB37 for contact closure I/Os, MS3112E16-23S for the amplifier plate signals, and DB9s for monitor and control and auxiliary external contact closure alarm inputs. The 2082-14X-47 is housed in a 1RU chassis and is powered by redundant power supplies fed by separate, fused 100-240 ┬▒10% VAC AC input connectors.


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