Comtech RCS20 M:N Redundancy Switch

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Product Information

  • Type: Redundancy Switch
  • Brand: Comtech EF Data
  • SKU: CMT130

Tech Specifications

Datasheet PDF


The RCS20 M:N Redundancy Switch provides backup switching/protection for up to nine pairs of satellite modem channels (modulators/demodulators). The RCS20 is a companion product to the DMD15/DMD2401/DMD20/DMD50/DM240/DD240 Satellite Modems.

The RCS20 is an intelligent microprocessor-controlled system, capable of controlling up to nine modems in a variety of configurations. The RCS20 is comprised of three separate units that make up the switching system; the Redundancy Control Unit (RCU20) shown above, the Digital Data Switch (DDS20), and the Intermediate Frequency Switch (IFS20), which are not shown.


  • Backup switching protection for up to nine (9) Satellite Modems (1 for 9 Protection)
  • Flexible backup configuration, 1:9, 2:8, 2 x (1:4), etc.
  • Large display with easy-to-use menu structure
  • Automatic or manual modes of operation
  • Flexible automatic configuration mode
  • Independent modulator and demodulator switching
  • Two fully-redundant power supplies
  • Passive relay switching for terrestrial and IF signals

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