Paradise Datacom Q-NET Navigator

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Product Information

  • Type: Network Management
  • Brand: Paradise Datacom
  • SKU: PDD143

Tech Specifications

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Q-NET is a scalable satellite communications system that supports point-to-point and point-tomultipoint networks.

Q-NET Bandwidth Manager provides multi-satellite/transponder carrier planning and high-level system control, monitoring, recording and quality-of-service reporting. It runs on a server and supports any number of remote clients. It also supports a transactional database that stores all system configurations and events. It supports full backup redundancy, which can be in any location.

Q-NET Navigator allows all modems (and other network devices) in the system to be controlled through a single application. It provides control over all modem and multidemodulator functions, using an easy-tonavigate site map.

The two NMS applications can be used together or in isolation from each other. The Bandwidth Manager is typically used by power users and in larger systems that require extensive high-level planning and coordination. Navigator is suited to day-to-day ‘hands-on’ operational control activities.


  • Full control of all network devices from a single multi-operator application, using an intuitive network navigation tree
  • Continuous status polling and alarm reporting for all network devices
  • Secure login and secure network M&C communications
  • Network access can be tailored to reflect different operator roles
  • Simple integration and control of thirdparty network devices
  • Supports all Paradise modems (point-topoint and point-to-multipoint)
  • No fee, no annual maintenance!

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