Datum PSM-500 IF VSAT/SCPC Satellite Modem

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Product Information

  • Type: SCPC
  • Frequency: 70/140mhz
  • Brand: Datum Systems
  • SKU: DTM101

Tech Specifications

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The PSM-500 is Datum Systems' latest modem series intended to replace and surpass the features and performance of the very popular PSM-4900, while being completely backward compatible. The PSM-500 modem uses all of Datum Systems proprietary design implementations to achieve the best performance and reliability in the industry. The PSM-500 offers its customers the best value modem available.

The PSM-500 is a variable data rate programmable satellite modem with 70 MHz or 140 MHz IF options. It is available in 3 firmware upgradeable feature sets, the M505, M511 and the M523, which also includes data rates up to 29.52 Mbps. In addition to standard BPSK, QPSK or OQPSK, the PSM-500 can be upgrade via firmware to add 8PSK, 8QAM or 16QAM.modulation types. This modem is capable of having a wide variety of FEC configurations, including Viterbi (standard), Turbo and super performance LDPC. Turbo FEC options include Advanced "state of the art" 16k Block Turbo Product Codes and compatibility modes for multiple applications. The standard PSM-500 includes multiple data interfaces options and built-in 1:1 redundancy. The PSM-500 comes standard with an IBS Multiplexer, Asynchronous Overhead channel(s), AUPC and Remote Modem Control


  • Designed for Performance and Reliability
  • Data rates of 1.2 kbps to 29.52 MHz
  • Low Cost High Performance Turbo Products Codes
  • Super Performance LDPC
  • Firmware Upgradeable to 8PSK/TCM, 8QAM and 16QAM Modulation modes
  • Performance within 0.3 dB of Theoretical
  • Bridge or Router Ethernet IP Interface
  • DSP for fast acquisition of 315 ms at 9.6 kbps QPSK, 71 ms at 64 kbps QPSK
  • Compatibility with other modem manufacturers
  • Asynchronous Overhead Channel and AUPC standard on all units
  • Built-in 1:1 Redundancy

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