Cross Programmable RF Attenuators 6-12GHz

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  • Brand: Cross Technologies
  • SKU: CRS513

Tech Specifications

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The 1586-06 Programmable Attenuator contains six General Microwave Model 3496H-64-4 11 Bit Digital PIN Attenuators and Local/Remote control circuitry to independently adjust each attenuator. Multi-function push button switches select the attenuation locally. Local operation starts when the Execute button is pushed. The upper left first digit of the first attenuator value is underlined and the Left/Right pushbutton switch is used to select the digit to be adjusted by using the Up/Down pushbutton switch. On completion of the attenuator value adjustments, the Execute button is pushed again which stores these values and restores the operating mode to Remote. When in Local control a time-out returns the mode to Remote if no activity is noted on any of the switches for 20 seconds. The attenuator values are stored in nonvolatile memory so these values remain when power is cycled off and on. Front panel LEDs provide indication of DC power (red/green). Each General Microwave Attenuator provides an attenuation range of 64 dB from 4 to 68 dB. Remote operation also controls each attenuator and allows status monitoring of attenuator settings and power supply and summary alarms. Attenuator settings appear on the LCD display. Connectors are SMA, female for inputs and outputs and DB9 female for the RS422 remote control. Powered by redundant 100-240 ±10% VAC power supplies, and mounted in a 1 3/4” X 19 “ X 19” rack mount chassis.


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