Cross Power Supply / Battery Charger For Remote Terminals

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  • Brand: Cross Technologies
  • SKU: CRS439

Tech Specifications

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The 2000-16-3624 Power Supply/Battery Charger uses a +10VDC - +36VDC input to provide +24VDC @3A and +12VDC @3A outputs used for remote terminals. Additionally the power supply will operate from up to 4 BB-2590 type military batteries when DC input power is not available. The power supply provides all the functionality and safety features of a Level 2 charger and with optional Ethernet will provide Level 3 charger capabilities. With DC input power applied, the power supply will charge the batteries as needed based on the data collected from the batteries via the SMBus to a maximum of 8Amps total charge current. The power supply can be used as a stand alone charger. LED indicators show battery status, Primary Power Source, +12V and +24VDC Status. The power supply is housed in a 10” X 16” X 1.5” enclosure (connector protrusion not included).


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