SED Portable Spectrum Analyzer

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Product Information

  • Type: Spectrum Analyzers
  • Brand: Calian Advanced Technologies
  • SKU: SED102

Tech Specifications

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The Portable Decimator D3 is a small hand-held remote spectrum analyzer that is ideal for field technicians who require a highly portable unit. It could also be installed anywhere in a satellite, cable or terrestrial wireless network using the available rack-mount bracket.

The Portable Decimator is a unique product and a key component of our digital spectrum analyzer product line. The Portable Decimator D3 can be connected to any AC power source worldwide. Operated like a traditional spectrum analyzer, the Decimator’s browser-based user interface is intuitive, familiar, and useable right away with no training. It is immediately accessible by connecting the Portable Decimator to any laptop computer.


  • covers full satellite L-band plus cable and wireless bands from 5 MHz to 3 GHz
  • external 10 MHz or internal reference
  • built-in Carrier Monitoring function
  • web browser control
  • small hand-held enclosure
  • connects to AC power worldwide

(formerly SED Systems)

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