iDirect PCMA Hub Canceller

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  • Type: Accessories Routers
  • Brand: iDirect
  • SKU: IDT111

Tech Specifications

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The Paired Carrier Multiple Access (PCMA) Hub Canceller is a satellite signal canceller that maximizes the capacity of satellite networks by using PCMA technology to reduce satellite bandwidth as much as 50 percent. Accomplished by combining the uplink and downlink transmissions into the same bandwidth, it allows two different signals to overlap in frequency and increase the bandwidth available to the system. With the addition of a PCMA Hub Canceller to an iDirect hub, service providers can increase the efficiency of their bandwidth for the entire network and reduce operating costs.


  • Hub Optimization reduces web traffic through advanced data compression techniques reflecting traffic protocol and content
  • Advanced TCP acceleration and compression for star, mesh or SCPC satellite networks
  • Full SCPS-TP protocol gateway with I-PEP compatibility and automatic peer discovery
  • Enhanced IP QoS & TCP Weighted Fair Queuing QoS
  • Configurable as a bridge or router; one-sided or two-sided optimization and acceleration

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