Comtech OMS11 1:1 Outdoor Modem Redundancy System

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Product Information

  • Type: Redundancy Switch
  • Brand: Comtech EF Data
  • SKU: CMT128

Tech Specifications

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The OMS11 1:1 Outdoor Modem Redundancy System provides simple backup chain switching protection for the OM20 Rugged Antenna Mount Modem, BUC and LNB. The OMS11 drives the BUC and LNB Waveguide switches, activating the non faulted RF path online. The backup functions of the OMS11 may be performed automatically, manually or remotely.

Operating In the automatic mode, the OMS11 immediately places a non-faulted backup modem online in the event of a primary online modem failure. In the Manual Mode, the user may designate the selected online primary modem either from the interactive front panel or through a remote interface.


  • 1:1 redundancy protection for the OM20
  • Supports redundant BUC and LNB waveguide switching
  • Automatic or manual modes of operation
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Manual operation from front panel or remote control

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