Norsat WAYFARER 1.8m Ku-Band Driveaway Antenna

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  • Brand: Norsat
  • SKU: NRS281

Tech Specifications

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WAYFARER WDA180KU 1.8m Ku-Band Drive-Away

Norsat’s solution for reliable and easy-to-deploy mobile communications. The solid, low weight, and low height reflector mount deploys easily for fast and reliable satellite acquisition. Whether mounted on an emergency vehicular command center or a mobile broadcast van – count on Norsat’s WAYFARER drive- away terminals for drive-away broadband-level communications capability.


  • Easy and intuitive LinkControl Interface
  • Heavy duty platform and reflector folding design
  • Lightweight and durable carbon fiber reflector
  • Automatic 3-axis acquisition
  • Wide range of Norsat BUC and LNB configurations
  • Includes easy-to-use 1RU ACU for easy indoor operation
  • Fast, simple, intuituve one-button deployment on ACU
  • From “stow-to-go” in under 3 minutes

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