Norsat Comms-On-The-Move Antenna 0.55m Ku-Band WCM055KU

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Product Information

  • Frequency: Ku
  • Brand: Norsat
  • SKU: NRS249

Tech Specifications

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Norsat Communications-on-the-Move Terminal WAYFARER WCM055KU 0.55m Ku-Band

NORSAT’s solution for uncompromising performance in on-the-move military and security applications is in the form of our compact, high- performing COTM terminal.

The antenna adopts carbon fiber material with light weight, high gain and low side lobe. NORSAT COTM terminal is ideally suited for vehicles with ultra low height radome restrictions - High mobility / armoured fighting vehicle platforms, and Law enforcement, Fire, Emergency command post vehicle platforms


  • Norsat LinkControl Client for ease of use
  • OpenAMIP support
  • Interface with iDirect modem platform
  • Lightweight, low profile vehicle mount
  • Full range of RF Tx and Rx options available

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