Newtec Dialog XIF Hub

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Product Information

  • Type: Chassis
  • Brand: Newtec
  • SKU: NWT153

Tech Specifications

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Newtec Dialog XIF Hub


  • Highly flexible and scalable hub architecture
  • Optimized baseband density & flexibility with baseband matrix
  • Up to 500 Msps forward carriers
  • Carrier grade reliability with built-in redundancy
  • Support for SCPC, MF-TDMA, and Mx-DMA return links
  • Pay-as-you-grow

Highly Flexible and Scalable

The Dialog XIF Hub is the solution for gateway deployments, serving a multitude of beams, transponders or satellites. The use of a baseband matrix brings N:M redundancy for up to 32 multicarrier modulators and/or demodulators in one rack. In addition, the matrix fan in/out capabilities allow for simple interfacing with the gateway RF infrastructure. Capacity can be extended easily and rapidly, simply by adding additional multicarrier modulators, demodulators and blade servers and activation in the Dialog NMS. High capacity multicarrier modulator units support DVB-S2X carriers, whereas the high capacity multicarrier demodulator units can support SCPC, MF-TDMA and our patented Mx-DMA return link technology. The use of Private Cloud technology enables flexible VNF deployment based on scalable compute and storage resources.

High Throughput

The Dialog XIF Hub is designed for operators seeking high throughput through its 10 Gbps Ethernet switching infrastructure. With support for Forward DVB-S2X carriers up to 500 Msps, they can leverage the high bandwidth transponders provided by High Throughput Satellites (HTS).

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