SED Multi-Port Spectrum Analyzer

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Product Information

  • Type: Spectrum Analyzers
  • Brand: Calian Advanced Technologies
  • SKU: SED101

Tech Specifications

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Ideal for local or remote monitoring of multiple communications or broadcast carriers in satellite, cable or terrestrial wireless networks, the Multi-port Decimator is a cornerstone in the Decimator digital spectrum analyzer product line.

The 1U rack-mount unit is small and convenient for installation in equipment racks with connection to multiple feeds, either 50-ohm or 75-ohm. For applications requiring fewer input ports, the 4-Port Decimator saves you money upfront, and is easily upgraded in the future to an 8-Port Decimator should you require additional input ports. Simply pay the difference for a software upgrade without installing additional hardware. Both units provide a built-in Cross-Pol Isolation measurement function and Carrier Monitoring capability. It is operated like a traditional spectrum analyzer, with a browser-based user interface that is intuitive, familiar, and useable right away with no training.

The 4-Port Decimator is also ideal as a replacement for the now obsolete Tektronix 1705 spectrum monitoring unit.


  • 8 user selectable input ports
  • covers full satellite L-band plus cable and wireless bands from 5 MHz to 3 GHz
  • built-in Carrier Monitoring and Cross-Pol Isolation functions
  • External 10 MHz reference or internal reference
  • Web browser or API control
  • SNMP status interface
  • Standard 19” 1U Rack Mount Chassis
  • available as 4-Port unit

(formerly SED Systems)

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