Research Concepts Modern Mobile Antenna Controller RC4000

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  • Brand: Research Concepts
  • SKU: RSC102

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Modern Mobile Antenna Controller RC4000


Utilizing the experience gained from integrating the antenna controllers with nearly 200 different antennas from dozens of mount manufacturers worldwide, RCI introduces its next generation Antenna Control Unit. The RC4000 architecture consists of stackable PCB set. It is available as a standalone set, in a 2RU rack- mount enclosure, or a made to order IP67 outdoor enclosure. The RC400 allows for all the functionality and options (navigation sensors, inclined orbit tracking, remote control, integrated receivers, etc.) required for modern antenna operation.


  • Instant On, Application Specific Software
    • Ready to Use in Less Than 20 Seconds
    • No Custom PC Software Required
  • Auto Positive Satellite Acquisition
    • Via Built in DVB-S2 receiver
    • Optional Modem Interface Available
  • Simple Graphical User Interface
    • Control Using Only Web Browser
    • Easy Configuration
  • Directly Drive DC Motors
    • 24VDC up to 10 Amps
  • Optional Support for 16 Bit Resolvers
  • CE and MIL461G Compliance Available
  • Optional Internal Spectrum Analyzer
    • Remotely Monitor RF Spectrum and
    • Antenna Status in a Single Interface
  • DISA/DSCS Compliant Tracking Algorithm
    • Step Track/Memory Track
    • NORAD Two Line Element TLE
  • Beacon Receiver Options
    • Novella B38 - For Modulated Beacons
    • ASC 350L
  • Optional Handheld Remote
    • Ideal for Maintenance
  • Single Button Operation
    • Green to Locate/Red to Stow
  • SNMP v3 Capability
  • Wide Temperature Range Operation
    • -40C to +60C Available
  • Industry Standard Rackmount Interface

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