CPI Model C240FW High Wind Transportable Antenna

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Product Information

  • Frequency: C Ka Ku X
  • Size: 2.4m
  • Brand: CPI Satcom
  • SKU: GDS112

Tech Specifications

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The General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies 2.4-meter motorized transportable antenna is designed for worldwide transmit and receive operation in C, X, Ku and Ka-band. This mobile antenna consists of a carbon fiber composite reflector, a jack-driven elevation positioner, a gear-driven azimuth positioner and an aluminum support structure. This results in a medium-weight, motorized antenna with superior stiffness and high performance under high wind loading conditions.

The unique shape and the accurate reflector surface provide exceptionally low sidelobe and cross-polarization performance well within INTELSAT and EUTELSAT requirements. Repeatability is maintained with precision registration of the nine reflector segments and the feed support structure. The interchangeable feeds are palletized for quick, easy removal and replacement, allowing the enduser to effectively change frequency bands in the field within minutes. The complete antenna system, including a single feed and a motorized positioner, can be packaged in nine robust, portable cases.


  • Carbon fiber reflector provides lightweight, precision surface and high stiffness
  • Jack/gear-driven positioner is of carbon fiber/aluminum construction and is lightweight and sturdy
  • Easy deployment - two-person assembly in less than 30 minutes, captive hardware, precision alignment
  • INTELSAT type approval pending, EUTELSAT and MIL-188-164A compliant
  • High performance, low sidelobes, high EIRP capability

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