AvL Model 1.2m 1248FA Mobile VSAT FlyAway Antenna

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Product Information

  • Type: Mobile VSAT
  • Frequency: Ku
  • Size: 1.2m
  • Brand: AvL Technologies
  • SKU: AVL113

Tech Specifications

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AvL FlyAway Mobile VSAT Antennasare designed to meet and exceed the highest performance requirements around the world to guarantee both satellite authority compliance and peak in performance, reliability and availability. These antennas are priced to include the AvL engineered composite reflector and auto-acquisition controller for ease of operation. As with all AvL antenna systems, no laptop is necessary to operate the controller, the antennas interface with any modem, RF electronics, or satellite service.

AvL FlyAway Mobile VSAT Antenna Systems offer the following features and benefits:

Full Range of Travel

Quick Set-up

Interfaces with all types of RF electronics and services

Stabilizing legs create increased wind resistance

Packaging options including cabin baggage soft case, backpack versions, and rugged hard cases


  • Case-based Mobile VSAT - packs into two cases
  • 1.2m segmented 4-piece reflector (2-piece optional)
  • Interchangeable feeds: 2-port Precision Ku (LP)or 2-port Mode-Matched Ku (LP)
  • Optional Transmit Rotary Joint on Feed for High Reliability
  • Offset Prime Focus Optics
  • AvL Cable Drivepositioner
  • Mount geometry: Elevation over Azimuth
  • Polarization: Rotation of LP feed
  • Handheld Display with Power Supply
  • One button auto-acquisition controller
  • CE Approval
  • Fully compliant withMIL-STD-188-164a Type E-V

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