Model 1.0m 1098FA Fly & Drive Mobile VSAT Antenna

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Model 1.0m 1098FA Fly & Drive Mobile VSAT Antenna

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  • Case-based Mobile VSAT – packs into two cases
  • Field installable Fly & Drive upgrade kit

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The Model 1098FA 1.0m motorized Mobile VSAT FlyAway antenna provides video, voice, IP and data communication in a lightweight, easily transportable case-based solution.

AvL’s Fly&Drive Mobile VSAT Antenna systems provide versatility for satellite communication users who desire a vehicle-mounted antenna with all the portability of a flyaway mechanism in one antenna system. These systems are packaged into containers that meet air freight requirements allowing the system to be transported anywhere you can fly or drive.


  • Case-based Mobile VSAT – packs into two cases
  • Field installable Fly & Drive upgrade kit
  • 2-man lift
  • Optional Transmit Rotary Joint on Feed for High Reliability
  • 1.0m AvL Engineered Composite reflector with option for solid/single piece ortwo-piece configuration
  • Standard feed: 2-port Precision Ku (LP)
  • Offset Prime Focus Optics
  • AvL Cable Drive positioner
  • Mount geometry: Elevation over Azimuth
  • Polarization: Rotation of LP feed
  • Handheld Display with Power Supply
  • One button auto-acquisition controller
  • CE Approval
  • Fully compliant with Eutelsat auto deploy antennarequirements

Az/El Drive Motorized AvL Zero Backlash Cable Drive System (Patent Pending)
Polarization Drive System Motorized Worm Gear
Reflector Construction 1.0m Single Piece AvL Engineered Composite
Axis Travel
Azimuth 400° (±200°)
Elevation (reflector boresight) 0°-90° antenna boresight (true elevation readout from calibrated inclinometer)
Polarization ± 95°
Az/El Speed
Slewing/Deploying (typical) 2°/second azimuth; 2°/second elevation; 2°/second polarization
Peaking 0.2°/second
Motors 24V DC variable speed, constant torque
Standard Integration Interfaces
Tx Input @ Feed Ku: WR 75 Cover Flange at Feed Tx Port; Type F coax from BUC to base
Rx Input (AvL-supplied coax) Type F coax from LNB to base
BUC (& other CFE) Mounting Feed boom (maximum weight 16 lbs. (7.3 kg))
Controller Interface One 30-ft. (9.1m) cable with connector from base connector panel to controller
Manual/Emergency Drive Common handcrank for azimuth, elevation and polarization axes
Size/Weight – Std. Positioner Case 21.4 H x 23 W x 22.5 L inches (54 H x 58 W x 57 L cm), weighs approx. 95 lbs. (43 kg)
Size/Weight Std. Reflector Case 12 H x 42.5 W x 44.5 L inches (30.5 H x 108 W x 113 L cm), weighs approx. 146 lbs. (66 kg)
Opt. 3-Piece Reflector Case 13.5 H x 29 W x 46 L inches (34 H x 74 W x 117 L cm), weighs approx. 146 lbs. (66 kg)
Wind – Survival Anchored: deployed: 60 mph (97 kph), stowed (Fly&Drive only): 100 mph (161 kph)
Wind - Operational Anchored: 45 mph (72 kph)
Pointing Loss in Wind (Ku RX):
20 mph (32 kph) 0.3 dB typical
30 gusting 45 mph (48/72kph) 0.8 dB typical
Operational -22°F to 125°F (-30°C to 52°C)
Survival -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)
(View our PDF Datasheet for more information)

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