MFC 17190 Multi-Purpose C-Band Transmit Reject Filter

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Product Information

  • Frequency: C
  • Frequency Range: 5.85-6.725GHz
  • Brand: MFC Microwave Filter
  • SKU: MFC104

Tech Specifications

Datasheet PDF

Microwave Filter 17190 TX Rejection

The Multi-Purpose (Standard & Extended) C-Band Receive Filter not only rejects the C-band transmit band (5.825-6.725 GHz), but also rejects transmissions from other potential sources of interference, that standard TRFs do not.

Ideal for use at “high-density” receive sites, the model 17190 TRF provides excellent rejection of these other bands:

Maritime Radionavigation 3 - 3.1 GHz
Radar 3.1 - 3.45 GHz
Wireless Services (Point-Multipoint) 4.55 - 4.9 GHz
X-band 7.25 - 8.4 GHz
Maritime & Aeronautical Radionavigation9 - 11 GHz
  • Easy bolt-on installation and no power supply required
  • Other flange configurations are available upon request

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