Comtech MBT-5000 & MBT-5003 L-Band Up/Down Converter System

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Product Information

  • Type: Up/Down Converters
  • Frequency: L
  • Brand: Comtech EF Data
  • SKU: CMT175

Tech Specifications

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The MBT-5000 Up/Down Converter System provides this frequency conversion between L-Band IF and C-/X-/Ku/Ka-Band RF frequencies. Featuring a drop down front panel providing access to two “hot swappable” frequency conversion modules, this unit offers either a mix of conversion functionality or 1:1 redundant system operation.

Designed for rack mounting, the MBT-5000’s 1RU 19-inch chassis front panel contains all operator controls, indicators and displays for local and remote with RF, IF, power, and communications interfaces on the rear. When configured with the redundancy option, the main chassis contains two diode “OR-ed” internal power supplies for increased reliability along with the necessary IF/RF switches.


  • Meets or exceeds IESS-308/309
  • Facilitates 188-164A system compliance
  • Low phase noise
  • Powerful M&C support
  • Ethernet/Telnet/SNMP
  • EIA-232/485
  • Flexible configuration
  • RF Band switching in minimal time without requiring tools
  • Available 1:1 redundancy in a 1RU chassis (MBT-5000) or a 3RU chassis (MBT-5003)

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