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Product Information

  • Type: Portable
  • Brand: AVCOM
  • SKU: AVC110

Tech Specifications

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Laptop Design
The LPT was designed for the field engineer or technician to have a very useful, compact tool that can be easily carried as a companion to his/her laptop computer. The LPT eliminates the need for carrying around a big bulky bench top spectrum analyzer in a separate hand held case as it fits comfortably alongside a laptop computer in a carry-on bag. The internal Li-Ion battery makes for true portability, making this an indispensable tool for the user that stays on the go. The LPT interfaces easily to any laptop computer through the USB/Ethernet ports. The weight of the LPT is about half that of a laptop, so the added weight is minimal when added to a carry-on bag. If you are looking for a complete portable spectrum analyzer system, the LPT along with a laptop provides the user with a lot of flexibility and horsepower in a compact design.

Versatile Remote Control Software
The RSA can provide discrete remote monitoring and control from anywhere in the world. The RSA is monitored and controlled using the Avcom Remote Control Software via serial port, USB, or Ethernet. The Remote Control Software has an intuitive user interface that is easy to use with no special training required. It allows remote monitoring and control from your network or over the internet. Features include screen shot capture recording, SNMP for alarm/monitoring, markers, and Automated Data Acquisition (DAQ) with tolerance comparison, and integrated email alerts to name a few. Up to twelve windows can be displayed at one time. The Remote Control Software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  • Designed For The Engineer Or Technician On The Go
  • Sized To Be A Laptop Companion
  • Fits Into Carry-On Laptop Bag
  • Portable Operation Via Internal Li-Ion Battery
  • Built-In Battery Charger
  • Precise And Accurate Amplitude And Frequency Response
  • Full Remote Control And Monitoring Via Ethernet/USB/RS-232 Using Free Remote Control Software (GUI)
  • 13/18Vdc/22kHz LNA/LNB Power

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