Cross L-Band Splitter 8-Way w/ Monitor LNB Power

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  • Brand: Cross Technologies
  • SKU: CRS463

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The Model 284-1X RF Splitters are five or nine way, 950 - 2150 MHz, 0 dB gain splitters. The 284-1X splitters provide fused DC power insertion on the RF input connector center pin, surge protection, and excellent RF characteristics. Each splitter has a monitor connector on the front panel and four or eight outputs on the back panel. A SiDactor surge suppressor on the RF input protects against high voltage transients. On the front panel, green LEDs indicate the presence of DC voltage from the 115 VAC wall mount power supply and +18VDC power to the LNB (on J9 input center pin). Up to three 284ʼs can be mounted on an 1 3/4” X 19” rack mount panel (option -R1, -R2, or -R3).


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