Paradise Datacom Indoor Rack Mount Redundant SSPA Systems

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Product Information

  • Type: Indoor Redundancy Switch SSPA
  • Frequency: C Ku X
  • Brand: Paradise Datacom
  • SKU: PDD124

Tech Specifications

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Teledyne Paradise Datacom’s Indoor Rack Mount (-RM) series of redundant amplifier systems provide the highest degree of earth station redundancy and reliability.

These systems can be configured in either 1:1 or 1:2 redundant configurations using any of the Teledyne Paradise Datacom family of Indoor Rack Mount SSPAs.

The RCP2-1100/1200 System Controller front panel mimic display shows the current switch positions and the on-line amplifiers. Dedicated fault lights provide easy indication of system status.

All RCP2-1100/1200 monitor and control is available locally, at the front panel LCD display, as well as remotely by the RS-232 or RS-485 interface ports.


  • System Output Power to:
    • 1.1 kW C-Band
    • 1.0 kW X-Band
    • 500 W Ku Band
  • Universal Input, Power Factor Corrected Power Supply
  • Output Power Monitoring
  • Separate 1 RU Redundant Controller for 1:2 systems
  • Controller-less solutions for 1:1 systems

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