Cross IF Processor Filtered AGC Detection 70±0.2MHz

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The 1200-05 IF Processor has a transmit and receive side. The receive side signal passes through an Automatic Gain Control (AGC) amplifier (using a narrow SAW filter prior to the AGC detection circuitry so only energy at 70 ±0.2 MHz automatically controls the gain; if there is no energy in this region it will go to max gain in AGC). The output is split into three signals each having variable attenuators to adjust levels via front panel multi-turn potentiometers. The AGC amplifier adjusts a -95 to -15 dBm, 50 to 90 MHz IF input signal to a -30 dBm, +5, -15 dB output. A front panel connector provides a monitor signal directly out of the AGC amplifier, and front panel potentiometers adjust the attenuation (between 0 and 20 dB) to each of the three output signals, DIG1RX, FDMRX, and DIG2RX.

The transmit side has three transmit IF signals combined into one. DIG1TX, FDMTX, and DIG2TX signals each pass through individual attenuators controlled via front panel potentiometers and a switch that is controlled remotely through a DB9 connector or locally with three SPDT switches located on the front panel. A SPDT switch on the front panel selects either REMOTE or LOCAL operation. A local override feature is included such that when the REMOTE/LOCAL switch is left in the LOCAL position, the override pin on the DB9 can be set to override the LOCAL control and allow for REMOTE control.

DIG1 and DIG2 on both transmit and receive sides are 75 in/out while FDM on both transmit and receive sides are 50 in/out. When power is removed from the 1200-05, the FDM TX and FDMRX signals pass through to the output. IF connectors are TNC female. The 1200-05 is housed in a 1RU x 14” deep chassis and powered by a 100-240 ±10% VAC, 47-63 HZ input power supply.


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