Newtec HUB6000

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Product Information

  • Type: Chassis
  • Brand: Newtec
  • SKU: NWT105

Tech Specifications

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Efficiency at the core

The HUB6000 embeds the award-winning FlexACM® module. FlexACM® combines a set of advanced technologies which work together to ensure the satellite link is operating at full efficiency.

Main advantages
  • Lower operational costs thanks to the highest bandwidth efficiency
  • Equalink® pre-distortion provides up to 10% bandwidth gains and higher Quality of Service
  • Optimal availability even in fading conditions or with services over inclined orbit satellites
  • Based on DVB-S2/DVB-S2X standards for better efficiency
  • Clean Channel Technology™ provides up to 15% bandwidth efficiency gains on top of the DVB-S2 standard
  • Maximum efficiency in combination with bandwidth cancellation and network optimisation technologies
  • Easy integration with terrestrial IP networks and routers
  • Unique combination of IP Shaping and satellite bandwidth management


  • DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X compliant
  • Newtec S2 Extensions and MODCODs
  • QPSK/8PSK/16APSK/32APSK/64APSK and 256APSK
  • Baud rate range: 1 – 72 Mbaud
  • Data rates up to 425 Mbps
  • FlexACM® for adaptive environments
  • GSE encapsulation, data piping encapsulation
  • Supports Committed (CIR) and Peak (PIR) Information rate policies (even in ACM)
  • Adaptive traffic shaping and bandwidth management
  • Shaping hierarchies can be changed on-the-fly
  • Optional Clean Channel Technology™
  • Optional linear Equalink® Pre-distortion
  • Optional Network Optimization (acceleration & compression)
  • Optional Automatic Uplink Power Control
  • All outbound MODCODs and baud rates enabled by default
  • RFI reduction using optional DVB RF Carrier ID (DVB-CID)

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