GeoSat Microwave Quick Disconnect Flange Clamps

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  • Brand: Geosat Microwave
  • SKU: GEO162

Tech Specifications

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GeoSat Microwave Quick Disconnect Flange Clamps


  • Fast waveguide connection and easy installation 
  • Connects waveguide by several turns of a threaded clamp 
  • Excellent choice for mobile and transportable applications
  • Available for the EIA & IEC Standard Flanges

Quick Disconnect clamp kits are available for WR-42 (R220) through WR-137 (R70) waveguide sizes and flange types. Kits include nylon alignment screws, mating clamps, a retaining ring, and depending on the flange type, either rectangular or O-ring silicone gaskets.

Flange hardware kits are available for the most common North American (EIA) and European (IEC) standard flanges. Flange dash numbers used for quick disconnect kits in the tables below are the same as those used for our flexible waveguide products.

GeoSat Tech Specs 1

GeoSat Tech Specs 2

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