GeoSat 20W Ku-Band BUC 14.00/13.75-14.5GHz

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Product Information

  • Frequency: Ku
  • Output Frequency: 13.75-14.5GHz 14.0-14.5GHz
  • Tx-Power: 20W
  • Connector: f n
  • Brand: Geosat Microwave
  • SKU: GEO124

Tech Specifications

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GeoSat 20W Ku-Band (14.00/13.75 ~ 14.5GHz) BUC Block Up-Converter | Model: GB43FKUAC


  • Phase noise 6dB better than IESS308/309
  • Light Weight & Small Size
  • P1dB of 43dBm min
  • Spurious below -60dBc
  • Switchable LO option - standard and Extended Ku-Band in one unit
  • Built In Output Isolator provides full output VSWR Protection
  • Built in auto-ranging AC power supply
  • 48VDC isolated power supply optional
  • 3 Year GeoSat Product Warranty
Power Requirement
AC Voltage Range 90-265VAC 50-60Hz auto-ranging
48V DC Voltage Range (optional) 32-72VDC Isolated
Power Consumption AC power in/DC power in 180W/160W
RF Performance
RF Frequency Range-Available in/switched 14-14.5GHz / 13.75-14.5GHz
IF Frequency Range 950-1450MHz / 950-1700MHz
LO Frequency 13.05GHz / 12.8GHz
Conversion Single Conversion; non-inverting
Output Power at 1dB compression point 43dBm min
Saturated Power 44dBm typ
Conversion Gain 72dB min, 75dB typ
Gain Flatness +/-1dB typ +/-1.5dB max over full band;
+/-0.5dB max over any 40MHz
Gain Stability +/-1.5dB over full temperature range
Gain Control 20dB min dynamic range
External Reference Frequency 10MHz multiplexed with IF In
External Reference Required Phase Noise
100Hz < -130dBc / Hz
1kHz < -1400dBc / Hz
10kHz < -150dBc / Hz
100kHz < -155dBc / Hz
Up-Converter Phase Noise
100Hz < -70dBc / Hz
1kHz < -80dBc / Hz
10kHz < -90dBc / Hz
100kHz < -95dBc / Hz
1MHz < -115dBc / Hz
Linearity: 2 tone IMD Spectral Re-growth -25dBc at 3dB total power back off from P1dB-30dBc for QPSK at 1.5xsymbol rate at 2dB back off from P1dB
Output Spurious
Non-signal related -60dBc
Signal related -55dBc
Dimension 6.25"x6.45"x3.9"
Weight 5.5lbs
Cooling Forced Air
Operating Temperature Up to 100% condensing
IF Input Connector N-type female
RF Output Connector WR75 grooved
AC Power In MS3112E10-8P
RS485-RS232-Ethernet-SNMP MS3112E14-19S
Part Numbering Information
AC Auto-ranging Power Supply GB43FKUAC
DC Isolated Power Supply GB43FKUDC
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