Cross Frequency Source 4-Port 100MHz Reference

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  • Brand: Cross Technologies
  • SKU: CRS413

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The Model 2099-100XX Frequency Source provides four (xx=04), eight (xx=08) or twelve (xx=12) 100 MHz reference outputs from a 0.1 ppm high stability oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO). Front panel LEDs indicate alarm (red), oven warm-up (yellow), remote (yellow), and power from the two redundant power supplies (green). The output level is +7 dBm (max), and the 2099-100XX works into either a 75 or 50 load. An available External Reference option (Option E) provides an external reference input which can be used to lock the internal 100 MHz source to a high stability external reference. An LCD display shows the 100 MHz output level (and mode setting, gain, lock reference frequency. Connectors are 50/75 Ohm BNC female. A relay contact closure or open indicates when an alarm occurs. The 2099-100XX is mounted in a 1RU rack mountable chassis with redundant power supplies fed by separate fused 100-240 ± 10% VAC AC input connectors and provides RS232/422/485 M&C Interface.


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