Newtec FRC0710 Upconverter

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Product Information

  • Type: Up Converters
  • Frequency: 70/140mhz L
  • Brand: Newtec
  • SKU: NWT109

Tech Specifications

Datasheet PDF


The FRC0710 offers advanced and unique features such as a calibrated high linearity over the entire bandwidth combined with a very high frequency stability. These features make the FRC0710 the perfect solution for a wide range of transmissions ranging from very small carriers to full transponder applications.

The FRC0710 is easy to operate and monitor. All control and monitoring parameters are available locally on the front panel and remotely through a web interface. It is also possible to control or monitor the FRC0710 via RMCP or SNMP.


  • Agile IF to L-band Upconverter
  • Optional up-conversion to C, Ku or DBS-band
  • Ultra fine L-band frequency resolution (48Hz)
  • IF input frequency switchable between 70 MHZ & 140 MHz
  • Switchable spectrum inversion
  • Very high frequency stability
  • Very low spurious characteristics
  • Phase noise compliant with Intelsat IBS/ Eutelsat SMS
  • High linearity over the entire bandwidth
  • Optional 10 MHz + DC power for BUC

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