ETL Falcon L-band Agile Downconverter

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Product Information

  • Type: Down Converters
  • Frequency: L
  • Brand: ETL Systems
  • SKU: ETL134

Tech Specifications

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Falcon L-band Agile Downconverter


Model FN-D-L1F2-24114 Falcon L-band Agile Downconverter, converting L-band (850 - 2150MHz) to L-band (1050-1350).

The Falcon holds up to five converters modules in a compact 1U chassis, which are hot-swap. Each conversion module is 3 slots wide.

FLEXIBLE module configurations are available. Choose a mixture of up and down, agile and block converters with different operating frequencies, in the same chassis.

RESILIENCE is also provided from hot-swap dual redundant power supplies and a field serviceable CPU.

10MHz reference source for external/internal (field replaceable).

INTEGRATED CONVERTER REDUNDANCY: Hot-swap and field-replaceable 2+1 redundant configuration (with standby input / output) or 1+1 redundant configuration (with standby input / output) available

Key Benefits

  • Flexible module configurations with frequency range options. User selectable via HMI or web browser.
  • Reliability in service with dual redundant hot-swap power supplies and CPU, and field serviceable and replaceable frequency converter modules.
  • Compact chassis with capacity for up to 5 modules.
  • Remote Control & Monitoring via RJ45 Ethernet port with SNMP and web browser interface.
  • Local control and monitoring via high resolution touchscreen.
  • 10MHz reference source for external/internal (field replaceable).
  • Redundancy configurations: 2+1 redundancy (with standby input/output) or 1+1 redundancy (with standby input/output)

Typical Applications

  • Teleports and Earth Stations
  • Satellite Operators
  • Government and Defence
  • Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C)
  • High resilience applications


Each Falcon conversion chassis has 17 module slots.

2 slots are required for mandatory 10MHz reference source and fan.

Leaving 15 module slots for other RF modules.

Depending on the configuration the chassis can house up to 5 conversion modules or 3 conversion modules and a redundancy switch.

Maximum converter module capacity in the chassis is dependent upon the application required.

Module sizes

  • 1 slot wide - for 10MHz reference source
  • 1 slot wide - for fan
  • 3 slots wide - for Falcon Up/Down Conversion modules
  • 6 slots wide - for Falcon Redundancy Switch modules

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