Cross Dual Channel Subcarrier Modulator or Demodulator

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  • Brand: Cross Technologies
  • SKU: CRS497

Tech Specifications

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The 450 is a dual channel, frequency agile, synthesized FM subcarrier system for narrow band multi-channel applications above a video signal with low distortion and flat frequency response from 50 Hz to 15 kHz. Frequency from 1 MHz to 9.99 MHz, subcarrier "off”, and compandor “in/out” settings appear on the front panel LCD display. The 450 uses a 3:1 compandor and provides >85 dB dynamic range. With companding disabled, the 450 is a standard subcarrier system with selectable 75 usec or J17 emphasis networks. Connection to video is via a passive directional coupler which does not load the video signal even when power is lost. The 450 demodulator’s threshold extension allows receiving signals under severe fades.


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